*A Warm Welcome

Rev Stephen Durie - Pastor & Priest-in-Charge of Morrison Chapel in Macau

Welcome to Morrison Chapel – an international church with a wonderful heritage within the heart of the city of Macau.
We are part of the Anglican Missionary Area of Macau which in turn is part of the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Anglican Province of Hong Kong and Macau).

We believe that God is deeply interested in meeting human needs. We believe too, that He uses those who come under His Lordship to meet these needs wherever possible. He does this by energising us with His Holy Spirit.

Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and founded on His word, we are therefore endeavouring to establish a community where people can have opportunities to enter into living encounters with God’s goodness and compassion.

Our community includes Macau citizens, international residents, and people from many nations.

We aim to be Christ centered in our worship and our services range from the traditional to the contemporary.

Join us this weekend!