**Find our church venues

i) FIND US at 11am at Macau Anglican College, Taipa, in the 3rd floor School Hall.

Macau Anglican College

109-117 Avenida Padre Tomas Pereira
Taipa – Macau

Taxi and Bus

The name of the bus stop that you want to get off is called: Hoi Wan Jardim (Hoi Wan Garden).

Or you can tell the Taxi driver: “Sheng Kung Hui Hoc Hau, Tamzai” (Anglican school, Taipa)

Parking Instructions

There is Free Parking available in the basement of Macau Anglican College for those attending the 11am service.


Just drive your car up to the front of the school (inside the circle) facing the gate/grill which leads down to the basement. Honk your horn and/or wave to the guard in the guard box at the front door over to your right and he will open the gate to let you in. Once you have parked you can take the inside lift up to the service on the 3rd Floor in the main school hall.

Likewise when you go to leave the school and drive out of the basement parking area, you will have to drive up the ramp inside the basement to the gate and the guard will see you on his camera and open the gate to let you out.

Once you arrive

The school is built in a crescent shape and the school entrance is located on the inside of the ‘Beco da Baia’ roundabout next to ‘Hoi Wan Fa Yuen’. So you need to walk around from the street and bus stop (which are outside the circle) to the inside of the school circle to gain entrance. You can see this shape on the google map. The school is a big GREEN building. It’s big!

Once you have walked round to the inside of the school circle, you will see the inner roundabout for cars to turn. Enter the main lobby there at the inner corner and then once you go up the stairs and enter the lobby, turn to your left to take the lift up to the 3rd floor. Ignore the signs saying that the lifts are only for teachers.

Macau Anglican College from the front

ii) FIND US at 9am at Morrison Chapel

Taxi and Bus

Please tell the taxi driver “Buk Kup Chau Gong Yuen” .

In Chinese: 馬禮遜堂 (白鴿巢花園旁)

Buses #17  & #18A stop nearby.


Please note there is car parking available next to the underground MacDonalds and Ice skating rink next door. Please call for directions.


Morrison Chapel